Social Media Marketing Services

Expand your social media reach with creation of high-quality content, daily posting activity and increasing engagement of followers. We help your brand establish trust and build relationships with potential customers.
Omnitized takes a unique approach to Social Media Management for all types of Businesses large and small. Social Marketing can be a serious branding tool for top of mind advertising where Merchants or business owners develop a content strategy to build an audience, educate, and engage there users on a weekly basis. Staying top of mind and delivering a trustworthy message to your audience is extremely valuable to your business, as long as the message must be delivered with care.

Social Search Engine Marketing

Omnitized also uses Social Media Marketing as a Search Engine Optimization tool. The way content is delivered and perceived by Search engines has all changed for search engine optimization purposes putting increased credibility on user comments, credible sources and user engagement. An active social media presence is now a positive factor in search engine rankings.

Dedicated Team

Sending the correct message about your brand is imperative and there is no room for failure. A full completive analysis, content strategy and planned execution is handled a bit differently for each client due to the uniqueness of every company. Our top priority is implementing the correct plan for your business to help you accomplish your goals. Dedicated Team members are allocated to every account.

Paid Placements

Paid Placements on Social Media is another cornerstone in driving valuable targeted traffic. Most Social Platforms have become a pay to play environment allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to target audiences based on likes, interests, purchases, locations and content.

Reputation Monitoring & Management

Reputation Management is also a key component to Social Media Management. Omnitized specializes in content delivery for leads, sales, search engines and branding but due to posting content for the whole world to see in a real time environment. Comments and response are actually great for search engines, engagement and overall growth of Internet channels but they do have to be managed and monitored.

Our Social Media Management services consist of the following deliverables:

  • Daily Management & Posts
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Awareness & Follower Growth
  • Paid Placements to Gain Targeted Audiences and SEO Ranks

Our work doesn’t stop there. Ongoing optimization includes:

  • Continuous Content Delivery
  • Drive loyalty to your business
  • Avoid user drop-off
  • Optimizing from historical success
  • Leverage comments and testimonials
  • Relationships with engagers and influencers
Engage with Social Media and Social SEO as a part of an overall Omnitized strategy.

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