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The Omnitized approach to SEO takes key data points from all of your marketing initiatives to develop a coherent strategy to deliver results for your business.

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing a web site’s natural ranking for search terms in the internet's search engines. These rankings increase the likelihood of a potential customer finding your web site. The clicks are “free” in that you are not paying the search engines for clicks generated by these rankings.

Before making changes, it’s important to analyze the big picture. What’s working and what isn’t? Never before has using a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO been less effective than in today’s landscape. Properly executed SEO consists of optimizing your on-site ranking metrics, delivering an effective content strategy, and developing authority and relevance within your company’s specific niche.

On-site Optimization Examples:

Off-site Optimization Examples:

Traffic flow optimization

Addressing any indexing issues

Proper implementation of URL structure

Site speed and usability tweaks

Content/keyword analysis and updates

Acquire and audit citations

Set up and populate social media accounts

Obtain links from relevant web sites

2nd tier site and content development

Press release development and distribution

In a nutshell, our on-site optimizations make sure your web site isn’t holding back your marketing initiatives. It must look good, be organized, load quickly, and present content your clients are looking for.

Off-site optimization builds your web site’s online authority. Much scrutiny and care goes into this process as you can never be careful enough when adhering to Google’s webmaster guidelines for SEO practices.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. While we cannot guarantee success, we will take historically proven actions to maximize your web site’s potential for improved search engine rankings.

Combine Omnitized's Search Engine Optimization service with PPC Management and claim your search engine real estate.

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